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Pre-Move Surveys

Thinking of moving home? House moving can be a stressful at the best of times.

With cost, stress of the actual move, then the hassle of unpacking etc, do you really need the added concern of antisocial/noisy neighbours? Busy main roads for your young children to cross? Rowdy local parks or pubs?

These are just some of the 'problems' that may face you once you have finally moved in.

Chances are you would not have foreseen these minor problems, which can eventually force people like yourselves to move once again, therefore going through all the stress and hassle again.

We've all read newspapers and seen television reports regarding neighbours from hell? Imagine if you viewed your new property when there were no visible signs of these problems!

What about the local hooligans returning home from the local pub after closing time? Do they pass directly past your front door? Are they likely to 'key' your vehicle?

Buying a home will probably be your biggest life purchase, so you want the whole process to run as smooth as possible. So, what about your life after the move? Can you be one hundred percent sure that no problems may arise with neighbours, public houses, busy roads, railway lines, waterways?

Being adults we may feel this would not be a problem, but what about your children?

At MSSI Ltd we can offer you a service which may give you peace of mind.

Once you have spoken to us, giving details of any concerns (if any), or what you expect from your local community, we will do many of the following (or more if you wish us to check anything in particular):

  • visit potential neighbours
  • survey the road in which you wish to live
  • visit any local attractions which maybe of concern to you, parks, pubs, clubs etc.
  • local services such as petrol stations, buses, trains etc
  • any waterways, canals, rivers
  • we will even approach the community beat officer (where/when available, many areas still do not have such officers)

Once we have completed our survey (please do not get this confused with a house survey WE DO NOT SURVEY PROPERTY) we will give you a confidential report on our findings.

Our reports will include times and dates when the survey was carried out , and will be completed over a matter of days and always at different times as to ascertain as much information as possible.

Hopefully this will give you some insight to your new property and area.

You may be moving into the house of your dreams - don't let the area ruin it for you!!!

For more information, please contact us.

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