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Conflict Resolution Training

When someone is faced with aggression and violence in their workplace it will often be outside their normal experience, expectstio0n and training. A nurse is trained to provide support and care, a shop assistant is trained to provide good customer service, a teacher is trained to develop young people and a social worker is trained to support clients. Although there is a recognition that work related violence is on the increase, it is still a shock to be on the receiving end of an unpleasant and aggressive individual.

Traditional training methods involving classroom instruction, group work and discussion have had only limited success in developing the required knowledge, skills and attitudes. This has led to the development of a scenario based approach to learning how to deal effectively with these risks.

Scenario-based learning embodies these key principles:

  • The training is designed to respond directly to the problems and situations faced by delegates (staff) in the work place

  • The training incorporates realistic scenarios that can be worked through to build skills and confidence

  • The skills and techniques introduced are simple and effective enough to be remembered in a stressed situation

  • Whenever possible, the training is delivered in an environment that emulates the workplace, for example on a train/platform, on a bus, in a ward or ambulance, shop, bar/restaurant, staircase, corridors or toilets etc

  • Training employs experimental learning techniques, where delegates are encouraged to work through scenarios and practice techniques

  • Trainers adopt a facilitative style that respects the skills and experience of the delegates (staff/employees) and addresses key concerns the they raise during the training

Learners still need to develop a knowledge and understanding of the theories and models that help them to understand and deal with the risk associated with aggression and violence. The scenario based approach embraces the traditional skills and techniques needed to teach adults but then takes the learners into a more practical level where they can apply their learning by practising and rehearsing their responses within a realistic safe learning environment.


Self Awareness Seminars

Among our specialist services we offer personal safety awareness programmes. 

The seminars are specifically designed to suit your company and surroundings. There is also a section covering general security at home and outside.

Our programmes are aimed at heightening personal safety awareness, and provide expert tuition and information for prevention of vulnerability in certain situations, not only in ever increasing violent situations in our working environment, but also for safety awareness in daily living. The self defence section is under a controlled environment and by qualified martial art instructors.

We are able to boast the latest techniques and tactics to ensure you are aware of your surroundings and dangers you foresee on a day to day basis. With this knowledge, we combine a theory and practical lesson, teaching participants various drills and techniques to enable us to be more aware and security conscious.  


Self Defence Seminars

Midland Security, Surveying and Investigation Ltd are able to offer a comprehensive course aimed at frontline staff in many employment sectors.

Break away techniques or physical intervention can give you the edge in a volatile and threatening situation.

The courses are designed with the complete beginner in mind, the techniques used and taught are easy to learn and recall, whilst at the same time effective in self defence.

Taking into consideration vast differing physical abilities amongst frontline workers strength is not always an option for most; therefore we need to use smarter, simplified techniques to buy valuable seconds for escape.

We believe physical intervention and break away techniques do not need to be difficult, complicated to remember or inclusive of unnecessary information.

Our courses are: aimed at employees with no experience of self defence, using basic skills and instruction, giving better perception and an increased idea of what to do in certain circumstances, and most of all effectively.

Easily taught, easy to remember and easily the most effective...


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